The tentacles of the burrowing sea cucumber capture floating particulate food matter using on a complex particle trap, mucus, and an oral passageway.

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"The feeding tentacles, being part of the water-vascular system, can be extended by hydraulic pressure. The four basic types of tentacles are dendritic, peltate, digitate, and pinnate [burrowing sea cucumbers' tentacles are dendritic]. Dendritic tentacles gather small particles suspended in the water. Particles adhere to a coating of mucus on the tentacle, then the sea cucumber places it into its mouth and removes the food. This is suspension feeding. Cucumeria miniata [Burrowing sea cucumber] is a common suspension feeder." (Lambert 1997:6)

Sea Cucumbers of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound (Royal British Columbia Museum Handbook)June 16, 1997
Philip Lambert

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