Stain-resistant fabric with less fluorochemical usage

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GreenShield provides an oil-, water-, and stain-repellant finish for a fabric.

Key Differentiators

GreenShield is certified by SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) to deliver outstanding stain-resistance to fabrics while reducing the amount of chemicals that negatively impacts the environment. Products coated with GreenShield were tested and verified as 6-10 times lower in fluorine relative to competitors by Galbraith Laboratories, one of the largest independent testing facilities in the world.

Biomimicry Story

GreenShield™ textile coating was inspired by the nano-textured, self-cleaning surface of the lotus leaf, but takes it further by adding oil resistance, fire retardation, and antimicrobial functionalities. This is done by "decorating" the surfaces of nanoparticles with specific molecules. The technology also mimics nature's tendency to aggregate nanoparticles, at least during production and use stages, rather than allowing them to float freely in the environment where their small size increases their potential to cause harm.

Challenges Solved

"Fluorochemicals are the key ingredients in daily products like stain-resistant pants and non-stick cookware. However, fluorochemicals have also been found to be bio-accumulative in living beings and persistent in the environment. GreenShield™ engineered by G3i combines nanoparticles and fluorochemicals at the nanoscale to create a better stain-resist coating with up to ten times less flourochemical usage. The GreenShield™ product is also antimicrobial and antibacterial without leaching harmful chemistries into the environment." (adapted from company press release)

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