Mushroom Packaging from Ecovative Design uses mycelium to create a compostable, thermally insulating packaging.


  • Compostable
  • Thermally insulating
  • Reduced cost


  • Standard and customizable commercial packaging

UN Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

  • Goal 9: Industry Innovation & Infrastructure

  • Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities

  • Goal 12: Responsible Production & Consumption


  • Fungi

The Challenge

Common packaging materials, like styrofoam, do not degrade over time. They also introduce durable toxins to the environment that can harm wildlife.

Innovation Details

Mushroom Packaging® is a customizable packaging system made of mycelium, the vegetative part of a mushroom, and hemp hurds. It is thermally insulating, water resistant, and compostable.

Image: Ecovative Design / Copyright © ‑ All rights reserved

Mushroom Packaging® process. Photo: Ecovative Design.

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Biomimicry Story

The use of mycelium to create packaging is bioutilization. Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus that helps to absorb nutrients and water from the surrounding environment. Mycelium can strongly bond materials together, and is therefore an effective alternative for molded packaging.