Velcro has tiny hooks that fit into small loops to create a secure closure.


  • Use in multiple environments
  • Omnidirectional strength


  • Textiles
  • Clothing
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical devices

UN Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

  • Goal 12: Responsible Production & Consumption

The Challenge

Many conventional fasteners create permanent changes to the textiles they are attached to. Additionally, common fasteners often only hold items together in a certain direction.

Innovation Details

Velcro® was inspired by burr seeds, which are covered in tiny hooks that easily attach to mammal fur. Similarly, Velcro has one side made up of tiny hooks, while the other side is covered in tiny loops. When the two sides are pressed together, the hooks attach to the loops and the two sides stick together to form a strong bond.

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Biological Model

Burr is a seed from the Burdock plant that is covered in tiny hooks. These hooks make it easy to attach to an animal’s fur, allowing the seed to travel long distances before germinating. This helps the plant to spread its seeds over a wider area.