A high school science curriculum that reinforces core concepts in biology, chemistry, and physics, and includes a biomimicry design challenge.

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Biomimicry and Science: Applying Nature’s Strategies is a full-featured curriculum co-authored by the Biomimicry Institute and EcoRise Youth Innovations. The course reinforces core content in science using striking examples from nature and bio-inspired design as a framework to capture student interest. The first three modules of the curriculum address chemistry, physics and biology with five lessons in each subject area. A fourth module guides teachers and students through a project-based learning experience in which students learn and apply a biomimetic approach to design thinking to solve a challenge.

Free Excerpt

Module 4: Biomimicry Design Challenge is offered as a free excerpt to support teachers working with students who are entering the Institute’s Biomimicry Global Design Challenge or pursuing a similar long-term biomimicry project. The Challenge module can be downloaded from the Biomimicry Institute Shop.

Purchase of the full curriculum ($250) includes:

  • Introduction to Biomimicry—a lesson that can be used as a launching point in any classroom to orient students to the exciting practice of biomimicry
  • 15 unique and engaging biomimicry-based science lessons—five for each of three core areas: chemistry, physics, and biology
  • 7 capstone design challenge lessons—providing students an opportunity to participate in an international biomimicry design challenge through the Biomimicry Institute and/or a school capstone project
  • Posters and inspirational nature cards to decorate your classroom and motivate your students.
  • All lessons offered with a range of teaching strategies and tools, including slideshows, videos, activity sheets, assessments, technology tools, extension opportunities, critical thinking cards, and posters.
  • Alignment to Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Cloud Education for Sustainability (EfS) Standards & Performance Indicators, Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS)
  • Access to the Biomimicry & Science Support Package – one year of online training and implementation resources, discussion boards to share ideas and questions with teachers across the country, and access to bi-montly webinars.

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