If you need an offline version of AskNature's content, these pages have you covered.

The following AskNature Biological Strategy pages have printable PDF versions available. Each strategy is one page (front and back) and many include diagrams and scientific illustrations to support understanding. Many of the organisms featured can be found across a wide range of geographies. Download the Strategies in bulk using the button below, or individually from each page.

These pages might be used in the following ways:

  • Support outdoor learning with the AskNature Strategies for organisms which might be found in your region.
  • Bring biological phenomena into the English/Language Arts classroom by using AskNature Strategies as informational text.
  • Augment the lesson/activity, “The Language of Biomimicry,” using printed Strategies instead of students own online devices.
  • Support understanding of structure and function by having students underline or highlight the key words and phrases that capture the functional parts and working principles within the Strategy. Then have students translate those concepts into engineering terms by writing a description of the Strategy that could be used by an engineer to build a system that works in a similar way.


Insects & Spiders