An article detailing a biomimicry engineering project for middle school students. Provided with NGSS alignments (MS-ETS1-1 and MS-LS4-6) by curators at NSTA.

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Published in the National Science Teacher’s Association (NSTA) publication Science Scope, Vol. 38, No. 7, March 2015. Written by Celeste Nicholas and Jeffrey Peterson.

The Science Scope article describes an engineering project that is to be done as the culminating event in a unit on biodiversity and adaptation. It is provided on the [email protected] site with detailed annotations from NSTA curators outlining how the project is or could be aligned to NGSS standards MS-ETS1-1 and MS-LS4-6.

In the project, students apply what they have learned about these disciplinary core ideas to design products for humans that are inspired by nature’s adaptations. Video clips about biomimicry are shown to students, they do a webquest on the topic and then are asked to design their own 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional “biomimetic” products. A complete project schedule is included as well as ideas for how to define a problem and look to nature to solve it and also how to research solutions to the problem. Suggestions for credible sources, a rubric, and examples of student work are included in the article.

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