The latest edition of this classic guidebook features popular and well‑loved nature awareness games and activities for all age groups. 


  • Learners will develop a deeper knowledge and awareness of nature. 
  • Educators will learn how to guide others in games and activities.

While can be taught in a classroom, getting students outside in nature develops a deeper appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

Joseph Cornell wrote Sharing Nature: Nature Awareness Activities for All Ages for release on the 35th anniversary of his original guidebook. It features favorites from Sharing Nature with Children Volumes 1 and 2, as well as many new games and activities gleaned through his many years of leading training sessions. The activities included work with both youth and adults. It’s an extraordinary resource for anyone who would like to get in touch with the natural world or guide others to increase their awareness of nature.

Cornell’s Flow Learning approach has four stages, listed here with suggestions for activities that are especially valuable for biomimicry education:

  • Awaken Enthusiasm: Noses, Animal Clue Game, and Build a Tree followed by Natural Processes.
  • Focus Attention: I Am Curious About, Sounds, I Can See, Sound Map, Camouflage Trail, Micro-Hike
  • Offer Direct Experience: Interview with Nature, Observe Nature Like John Muir, Mystery Animal, Meet a Tree, Blind Walk
  • Share Inspiration: Any of these make a good closing activity

Find additional ideas and resources, as well as a downloadable sample of eight nature activities, on the author’s website, Sharing Nature Worldwide.

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