The mating call of male Bornean tree-hole frogs is amplified by matching the resonant frequency of tree cavities where the frogs reside.

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"Animal mating calls that exert a comparatively high sound pressure propagate over greater distances and generally have greater attractive power. Here we show that calling male Bornean tree-hole frogs (Metaphrynella sundana) actively exploit the acoustic properties of cavities in tree trunks that are partially filled with water and which are primarily used as egg-deposition sites. By tuning their vocalizations to the resonant frequency of the hole, which varies with the amount of water that it contains, these frogs enhance their chances of attracting females." (Lardner and bin Lakim 2002:475)

Design and Nature II: Comparing Design in Nature With Science and Engineering (Design and Nature) (Design and Nature, 6)June 9, 2004
M. W. Collins

Journal article
Tree-hole frogs exploit resonance effectsNatureDecember 5, 2002
Lardner, B; bin Lakim, M

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