The body of the dragonfly molts and extends its wings by pumping body fluid.

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“When overloaded, thin-walled tubes tend to buckle, but the fluid pressure of the hemolymph may resist this failure.” (Wootton 1992:120)

Journal article
Functional Morphology of Insect WingsAnnu Rev Entomol. 37: 113-140January 1, 1992
Wootton RJ

“Hemolymph performs a vital skeletal function. During the final molt, hemolymph is pumped into the veins of the crumpled wings and expands them to flight readiness. Once the wings have hardened, the hemolymph drains out again, leaving hollow wing veins that act like airplane struts to strengthen the wings.” (Cooper 2014:26)

Dragonflies: Q&A Guide: Fascinating Facts About Their Life in the WildMechanicsburg (PA): Stackpole BooksSeptember 1, 2014
Cooper A

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