As our demand for energy increases, so must the innovative and life‑friendly ways we access and use it.

Humans are becoming increasingly dependent on our ability to connect via technology and easily access the energy grid. Practically every facet of our lives is somehow plugged in and powered up. Yet as our demand for power increases, so must the innovative and life-friendly ways we access and use that energy. Here’s a light bulb idea: how does nature make energy? For the billions of species that have existed on planet earth, humans are the only ones who have placed such a premium on unsustainable and non-local sources of energy. How then, does nature balance its energy books while producing relatively little energy waste? This collection explores how nature has discovered brilliant ways to do just that.

 How does nature efficiently harness the sun’s energy for its own needs? How do living systems pack a big punch with little energetic cost? Does nature apply efficient chemical processes that produce energy and create inert waste products? Looking to nature to solve some of our most pressing energy issues is the next logical step.