Discover dozens of ways nature can inform the Expo's goal of "Connecting Minds and Creating the Future."

The World Expo 2020 Dubai (October 2021-March 2022) showcases sustainability on a global scale, illuminating best practices, impactful interventions, and breathtaking innovations in pursuit of a healthier future for all. One overarching theme? The importance and healing power of nature.

Our sister organization, 3.8, supported this effort by crafting a series of interactive micromuseums, each of which speaks in the voice of a local teacher––an ambassador organism––from the UAE. These species (and groups of species) are collected into three categories, reflecting ecoregions shaped by the sea (like coral reefs and mangroves), the sun (like deserts and plains), and the earth or soil (like forests and subterranean environments).

Each of the 18 teachers highlights the brilliant innovations inspired by their species’ and relatives’ particular s and abilities. A leaf-toed gecko shows off its feet to show how to stick without being sticky, or toxic, while a date palm shares how its strategies are used to generate resilient power. A hammour fish explains the smarts behind schooling, and a camel reveals the cooling powers of mammals. Even honeybees share the buzz about insect-inspired innovations.

Let your curiosity run wild and explore each teacher’s lessons for all of us below.